Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

We just got back from Las Vegas a few days ago. My parents had given us a week in their timeshare as a Christmas present, and it was great! People mostly thing of Vegas as gambling and drinking, but we found tons of fun things to do with the kids. Kyle has an M & M obsession, so he was in heaven at the M&M store on the strip. Everywhere he looked he would say "M!" I will add more pics later, I'm a slacker, I know.

Mom at the Bellagio

At the Bellagio

Happy Birthday Cameron and Hailey!

We like to tell Cameron that Hailey was his birthday present last year! She was born on the same day as him, kinda crazy! So this year was the first time we did our "combo birthday". Cameron had a party with all his friends a few days before his actual birthday, but we still had to make sure he felt June 10th was all about him and Hailey. It turned out to be a great day. Luckily for me, Cameron wanted green cupcakes, so we did green and purple, and I thought it turned out quite cute! I have to admit, it was hard and depressing seeing my baby turn 1 year old. I am still in denial. She is super tiny for her age (17 pounds, which is the 3rd percentile for her age), but I like the idea that she is small so she still seems like a baby! The past year has gone by so quickly. Cameron has grown up so much in the past year. He was so excited to be 5, I don't know why, but he thought it was going to be the coolest thing ever. Anyways, he are a couple quick pics from their birthday. Nothing fancy, but better than nothing!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hailey's hair is finally starting to grow in. Today, I decided to try and get her a little ponytail. She sat so still while I did this. What a little princess!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Prince...or Princes???

Kyle is always looking for something new to do. Last night, he thought it would be fun to try on Hailey's clothes. Marcelo said no, I said "why the heck not!!" He put the dress (size 12months!) and just started shakin it! He already loves to dance, but never before has he danced in a dress. It was hilarious! Then he spotted the P.J.'s. They also were a size 12months, and we so tight on him. He jumped on the treadmill like it was a runway or something!
I broke his little heart when I made him take them off. He looked so sad as I took them off him, and put them on Hailey. I am anxious to see which room he goes into today when it's time for him to get dressed! I hope I didn't create a cross-dressing monster!


Hailey got her pictures taken in her little princess dress. I put it on her and she just started smiling. She knew she looked cute!

Kids Fishing.

We took the kids fishing a week or so ago. Kyle caught his first fish, all by himself! The boys all love to fish. Sadly, we brought home a couple fish, and the kids ate them! I like fish, but I CANNOT see it alive, and then eat it. NASTY......

Monday, April 13, 2009

Miniature Golfing

One of the hardest parts of living away from all of our family, is holidays. The kids knew that their cousins were going to grandmas for an Easter Egg Hunt, and it's hard to tell them that we live too far away to go. We thought we would take the kids miniature golfing instead. It was such a nice day, and it turned out to be tons of fun. The boys had been wanting to go for so long, but I thought they were too young. They did great! The all were in the best moods, and that part was AMAZING. They cheered us all on, and were so nice to each other. I am so glad we decided to take them, we will for sure be doing it again soon! Kyle found a Spider-Man ride inside afterwards, and was in heaven! he was hugging and kissing it! Cute!!!